Read about the history, mission, and vision of MindBank.


As a student run organization at the University of Pennsylvania, MindBank strives to educate its members about the consulting industry through the delivery of innovative, strategic solutions for businesses involved in the campus environment.


MindBank was formed by a group of Penn students looking for ways to broaden their academic experience and develop their real-world problem solving skills. They realized that a diverse and interdisciplinary group of students could provide unique value to startups, campus groups, and even established companies looking for advice on how to engage and compete in a collegiate environment. Our focus on the campus environment is the core of MindBank’s pitch and our niche in the consulting space.

Since it’s inception, MindBank has grown quickly. We have completed over 32 projects and now have a team of over 20 student consultants. Whether working with large corporations to generate new marketing strategies or teaming up with a campus based startup to improve their business model, MindBank is able to use its unique and diverse insight to help our clients obtain their intended results.